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Master Kim speaking to students  before a promotion test

We, at Lions Martial Arts, welcome you to a school where people can find personal growth and rewarding challenges. We view your personal accomplishments as a measure of our organizational success.  Our unique environment will provide you and your family with a truly positive experience.

Whenever I teach my children classes, I try to leave my students a joyful but respectful atmosphere (which is very hard in the beginning).  But with hard work it becomes easier and you start to understand how to train these children, and teach them not to regard martial art in a wrong way.  

When I started Tae Kwon Doe at Lions Martial Arts, all I wanted was to learn was how to do all the kicks and stunts as Jackie Chan does! The more I learned martial arts and the more belts I earned, I realized that it is more than kicks and stunts. It is also more than just self-defense but it is self-discipline. I learned that it is all about discipline and being a better person.”       
                                - Joel Vargeese, 2006 Black Belt essay, Age: 10

The first thing that I like to do is getting myself prepared before I arrive at the academy.  I will leave my problems behind and focus on teaching our core principles: Respect, Self-Discipline, Confidence, Courage, Perseverance, Integrity Compassion, Leadership, Concentration, Teamwork.  Some students may experience problems at home or at work.  They often come to class with negative attitudes and lack motivation to participate.  The teacher should create a relaxed atmosphere and help students to put aside their personal problems so that they can focus in class.

“Then one day, my wife paid me a compliment that I had not heard from her before. She complimented me on keeping my temper in check. Self-control! This was no small thing. My career has its pressures and I often fail at leaving it at the office….”     
              - Michael D. 0' Loughlin, 2007 Black Belt essay, Age Group: Adult

Children training should be fun and without much pressure, and of course without losing respect.  During class, play some fun games and make them feel like they are stars of the class.  The teacher’s job is to make the students feel good about being there. Always try to motivate them and make them come back the next day.  Talk with parents and explain to them the development of their children. Tell them the importance of daily training and learning, because parents often don’t understand Martial Arts and cannot tell how their kids are making progress.

“Our Instructor was great he was so encouraging and positive. I liked the effect it was having on our whole family.”   
                           - Shelli Tomlin, 2006 Black Belt essay, Age Group: Adult

Create rules and show the kids how these rules are important to their learning.  Rules such as cutting their nails, keeping their uniforms clean, paying attention while the teacher is talking, respecting teammates, and not using inappropriate words are helpful.  Make sure the kids follow the rules because if they do it in the academy, they will do in school, at home and everywhere else.  I hope people will see positive developments in my students as a result of their Martial Arts training.  

“As I slowly progressed through the belts, these Tenants, Home Rules, and Creed became the guidelines for my life, teaching me respect, perseverance, discipline and self-control. Tae Kwon Do gives me the confidence of knowing that when I go on to college and beyond, I'll continue to live by these morals and teachings; that when real world factors like smoking, drinking, and drugs come into play, I'll be able to make the right decision and take the higher road away from them.”    

                                         - Samuel Fuller, 2010 Black Belt essay, Age: 16

Trust me, Children are the most sincere people in the world. They have a purity that many adults do not have.  Hopefully I can help kids to achieve the best that they can be.  

Master Kim

Martial Arts training is more than  kicks & stunts Achieve the best that they can be Following Rules is important Instructor: Grand Master Chun Kim